Lumberjacks love a healthy beard.
This Lumberjack just happens to have a healthy beard and he truly loves HVAC.


Too warm? Too cold? If you need your furnace or central air conditioning unit repaired or replaced, we will handle your needs.


We’ve saved family’s thousands, as we provide some of the most honest and knowledgable service in Thornton and the Denver area.

Meet the Lumberjack

Mike Neidig is an experienced technician who absolutely loves all things HVAC. With over 10 years in the field and taught by the best in the industry, he strives for perfection for each valued client! If you are in search of an HVAC technician for your furnace or A/C replacement or repair needs in Thornton or the greater denver metro area, Mike and his team will make sure you get the best quote as they treat you like family.

Respect, honesty, integrity and happiness are building blocks of this business.

Loving God and his young family are of the greatest importance to Mike...everything flows from that!

1 Corinthians 13:4

    NATE Certified

What to Expect

From the time we speak to you on the phone, to the time we leave your home, our goal is for you to feel like a part of our family. Family is what this business was built on and it is our promise to bring you an honest price without sacrificing quality. We take care of our family, we'll take care of you. We will never sell you something you don't need. If a furnace replacement is needed, you can rest assured that we will only recommend that service if repairs are not feasible or cost effective for your needs.

    100% Client Satisfaction
    Awesome Support

What They Say

The Jenkins Family

We cannot say enough great things about Mike!  Over the last 5 years we’ve known him, he must have saved us thousands of dollars!  We have moved three times since we’ve known him and each house had its own set of issues that Mike was able to tackle in such a professional and efficient way!   He has installed a central ac unit and a water heater for us before we sold our home on Perth ct.  Then, while renting a home for a year, the central ac stopped working and the landlord’s company couldn’t make it for 2 weeks and they said an entire new unit was needed, Mike was able to come that weekend and actually saved the landlord over a thousand dollars by simply replacing the problem vs the entire unit!  Finally, we’ve moved to a lovely home where our family will grow up and once again, we are in need of central ac and furnace service.   Lumberjack HVAC will be the guy we call, no questions – we love Mike!

Jamie Hjelmen

“He took care of us and was honest and figured out a problem that saved us money.”

Jason McKinsey

“Mike’s our guy, ever since he got our AC ready for the season. Even though the unit technically ran, he found a problem and got it cranking out colder air in just a couple of hours. I recommend Lumberjack every chance I get.”

Linda Orsello-Mucci

“Had an excellent experience with Mike. He figured out the problem and then went above and beyond when it was an easy fix. I highly recommend him.”

Beth Torgersen

“Yes, he is awesome! We had a three week old baby and our central air broke. He prioritized our issue and spent hours at our house getting it fixed. He is reasonable, professional and honest. We will be using him for our preventative maintenance and for issues.”

Brian Land

“Mike hooked me up yesterday! He is a very thorough and precise HVAC technician. He is an extremely down to earth honest person and will be calling him for my future needs. He legitimately enjoys solving our problems and gets excited about finding a solution and making things work.”