Having your furnace or air conditioner repaired can be expensive. Even fairly minor repairs can easily set you back several hundred dollars, and you’re typically looking at spending at least a few thousand if you need to replace your furnace or AC. These high costs lead some people to search for cheaper options to take care of their HVAC issues, such as hiring a handyman or attempting to do the work themselves. While going this route might save you some cash in the short term, it can end up costing you far more in the long run. With this in mind, here are five reasons why you should always hire a licensed HVAC contractor for any of your heating or cooling needs.

1. For Your Safety

You’re obviously concerned about your family’s safety, and this is one of the primary reasons why you should never let anyone other than a licensed contractor repair, service, or install any HVAC equipment. If the job isn’t done exactly right, it could lead to hazardous conditions for you and your home. For example, if your furnace or AC isn’t wired properly, it could lead to a risk of electrocution or fire. Issues with your furnace or vent could also lead to a deadly build-up of carbon monoxide. The best and easiest way to avoid this is to only ever have someone with the necessary license and training work on your HVAC system.

2. Your HVAC Equipment Warranty Depends on It

Most new HVAC equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that will fully cover the costs of some repairs. For air conditioners, the condenser unit is usually covered by a five- or 10-year warranty. Gas furnaces usually come with a 10-year limited parts warranty and up to a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

The specific terms of the warranty can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, all HVAC warranties have one thing in common: the equipment must be installed and serviced by a licensed contractor. If you attempt to work on your equipment yourself or hire anyone without the necessary licensing, the warranty is automatically void. This could leave you stuck footing the bill for repairs that would’ve been covered but are no longer since your warranty is void.

Most HVAC contractors also warranty all of their work for one or two years. This is another reason why it is always best to hire a licensed professional.

3. Prevent Damaging Your HVAC System

Your heating and cooling systems are much more complex than they seem. HVAC technicians require years of training before they can ever perform any work on their own. Without this training, it is impossible to know everything you need to in order to properly repair, install or service any heating or cooling equipment. By attempting to do any work on your own or hiring someone without the necessary training, you risk causing severe damage to your equipment or potentially ruining it altogether. As a result, you could end up spending far more to repair or replace your equipment than what you spend investing in a professional from the start.

4. Lower Your Energy Costs

Professional maintenance is one of the most important factors in ensuring that your heating and cooling systems are free from any major issues and working as efficiently as possible. A trained HVAC technician will understand your HVAC system inside and out and know what is necessary to keep your furnace and AC functioning efficiently and effectively. This can result in both improved indoor comfort and lower energy costs to heat and cool your home.

5. Avoid Liability Issues

One final reason that you should always hire a licensed HVAC contractor is that you won’t be liable for any damage to your equipment or your home. All licensed contractors are required to carry the appropriate insurance, and this protects you in the event that a technician damages your equipment or your home. Similarly, the insurance also ensures that you won’t be liable if any of the contractor’s employees at injured on your property.

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