This time of year, it’s normal to frequently depend on your furnace. Because it’s cold outside, you’re likely spending more time at home with the thermostat cranked up. However, putting that kind of pressure on your heating system has its consequences; a furnace can’t run forever, and whenever it’s working, it’s accumulating wear and tear. With the proper upkeep routine, though, you’ll negate much of that decline and delay the aging process.

1. Replace the Air Filter Monthly

When excessive dust and debris cycle through your furnace, it clogs up the system’s workings. That worsens the unit’s efficiency and performance. Your HVAC filter works to catch most of those contaminants before they can do damage, but it can only trap so many particles before becoming obstructed. That’s why replacing or at least cleaning the filter every month is crucial. If you make a habit of neglecting this task, it can have negative implications for your furnace’s outlook.

2. Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Before the heated air from the furnace gets to you, it passes through your ductwork system. When these ducts are clean and unclogged, the air can flow smoothly, but letting them get dirty can be problematic. Dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, and other contaminant particles will settle in your ducts over time. Eventually, the pathways can become partially obstructed, making it harder for your furnace to circulate air. To compensate, your heating system will increase the air pressure, but that requires more energy and effort. Additionally, lots of those contaminants will end up blending with the air you breathe; this can cause respiratory issues and throat irritation.

Ductwork professionals can thoroughly clean your home’s ducts and inspect them for any damage. Leaky ducts can be problematic because they force your furnace to compensate for the lost heat. Invest in a duct inspection every year or two to ensure that they’re in good condition.

3. Invest in Furnace Maintenance

Without yearly furnace maintenance, you’ll never be getting the best results or longest lifespan from your heating system. The perfect time for a tune-up is either late fall or early winter. This will provide you with total comfort and financial savings throughout the cold season.

When you hire one of our technicians at Lumberjack HVAC for a tune-up, you’ll receive a thorough furnace cleaning and inspection. The cleaning will improve the unit’s performance and efficiency and reduce the risk of a breakdown. During the inspection, your heating expert will make any necessary tweaks and search for any signs of future problems. If they find any red flags, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to take preventative measures, saving you the money and frustration of a major repair.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Most people occasionally leave their thermostat on longer than necessary. If you regularly forget to turn it off when you leave for work, for example, those eight hours will contribute to higher monthly bills and a worn-out furnace. With a programmable thermostat, you don’t need to rely on your memory or worry about wasting heat. You can program these thermostats to automatically turn off the furnace at certain times each day. They can also detect when the home has reached a comfortable temperature and keep it there.

5. Purchase Attic Insulation

Preventing escaped heat is an effective way to preserve your furnace’s health, and attic insulation can aid in that pursuit. Heat rises, and without a barrier in place, much of it will seep out through your roof. As a result, your heating system will constantly be straining itself to keep you comfortable.

Quality attic insulation will trap most of that heat before it reaches the roof. Spray foam insulation is perhaps the most effective option, but it requires pricey professional installation. Alternatively, fiberglass insulation doesn’t last as long, but it is cheaper and easy to install.

Heating Experts You Can Count On

When you need reliable heating service in the Brighton, CO area, our team at Lumberjack HVAC offers exactly what you’re looking for. Since opening in 2015, we’ve developed a reputation for quality service and workmanship. In addition to heating, we also offer cooling services, ductless mini-splits, and humidifiers. We proudly bring our family-friendly feel to every job, and your comfort is our top priority. For more information, give us a call at Lumberjack HVAC today!

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