As we get into the winter season, keeping indoor spaces warm becomes a priority for most homeowners. However, a significant temperature drop can result in extremely dry air in your home. When you crank up your heating system, the air in your rooms gets reheated multiple times. Ultimately, the air becomes dry and can be uncomfortable for you and your family once the humidity drops below the recommended range of 35% to 50%. Installing a whole-home humidifier helps bring the humidity level to a healthy range, especially during the chilly months. Below are six reasons why you should invest in a whole-house humidifier.

1. Relieve Allergy Symptoms

When there is low humidity in your indoor air, it can easily exacerbate allergy symptoms. You may also experience increased irritation in your nasal membrane, headaches, and mucus production. If a loved one has asthma in your home, excessively dry air can lead to attacks. Modern whole-home humidifiers help to balance the humidity levels in all the rooms in your home, thereby relieving allergy symptoms. They also help open your airways, preventing them from becoming excessively dry. Finally, they keep other respiratory issues at bay.

2. Lower Your Energy Bill

Adding a whole-house humidifier to your home saves you money by helping to reduce your energy bills. When the humidifier adds extra moisture to the air in your space, it makes you feel warmer even at lower temperatures. This allows you to lower the thermostat setting, so you won’t have to walk around your house wearing a sweater all day. This can save you up to 4% on your heating bill.

3. Prevent Dry Skin

Dry conditions leave behind rough patches on your skin, itchy wrists, and chapped lips. Even your eyes may show some irritation. When your body has inadequate moisture, it doesn’t function optimally, and the skin is the first place you’ll notice the symptoms of dry air. Installing a whole-home humidifier will prevent the skin from drying. With time, you’ll notice your skin looking brighter, you won’t have chapped or peeling lips, and your hair won’t be frizzy.

4. Protect Furnishings

Low humidity levels can cause damage to furnishings in your home. In particular, items made of wood are severely affected by dry air, and they may crack, peel, or warp. Naturally, wood absorbs and releases moisture in the surrounding air, creating a balance in the atmosphere. Extremely low humidity levels mean wood won’t absorb as much moisture, causing your doors, windows, and furniture to start shrinking. You may also notice the effects of low humidity on paper products, like books and posters, as they become more brittle. Restoring indoor humidity levels protects your furnishings and ensures they stay in good shape for longer.

5. Better Sleep

Dry air leads to problems, such as sneezing, coughing, and sore throats, which disrupt sleep. Also, low humidity levels make your respiratory system dry up, which may cause you to snore while sleeping. Although this may not keep a snorer awake, it can disturb other people in your house. Running a whole-house humidifier keeps your nasal passage, palate, and throat well-moistened. It can also reduce congestion and allergies, both of which trigger snoring.

6. Reduce Static

Too much dry air is associated with increased static electricity. Your loved ones may be at risk of experiencing static electricity, especially during the cold months. While this electricity may seem harmless, exposure to large electrical charges or flammable gases makes it dangerous to your household. Static electricity can damage various electrical components, especially in modern electrical systems and computers. By appropriately humidifying the air in your indoor space, there will be minimal chances of getting shocked. Humidifying the air also prevents other problems caused by static.

Your Whole-House Humidifier Installation Experts

The arrival of the winter season means you should expect drier air. This can negatively affect the humidity in your home. Also, since you rely on your furnace to keep your indoors warm, it significantly removes moisture from the air. Fortunately, you can keep moisture at healthier levels by connecting a whole-home humidifier to your heating system.

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