At the start of every year, most people will make resolutions with the intent of making their next year even better. While you may be focused on losing weight or eating better, you should think about your home too. Here are some great resolutions that you can make to ensure your heating system stays in great condition going into the new year.

Check Your Air Filter Monthly

While it’s commonly recommended that homeowners change their air filter every three months, that’s not a hard and fast rule to stick to. Each home is going to be different. Those with multiple pets will likely need to change their air filter every month as compared to those with no pets. A good rule of thumb is to check your air filter every month. Be sure to have a new filter on hand so that you can change out a used one if necessary.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Apart from enhancing heating technology, HVAC experts have fine-tuned the thermostat. Now, homeowners can easily program their thermostat settings based on their specific lifestyles. The best part is that smart thermostats will pay attention to your settings and any changes that you make to create recommendations for the most energy-efficient thermostat settings for your home. Additionally, you can instantly alter the temperature settings for your thermostat from your smartphone app anywhere that your smartphone has internet connectivity.

Unblock Your Air Vents

As life gets busy, it’s easy to let the clutter build up in your home. Unfortunately, any clutter that builds up in front of your air vents can decrease the performance of your heating system. Make it a New Year’s resolution to take the time each week to assess each supply and return vent throughout your home to see if there are any obstructions and move them accordingly.

Clean Regularly

Apart from clutter building up when you’re busy, it’s easy to skip over your regular cleaning. It’s important to note that, when you let dust, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne debris accumulate on the surfaces throughout your home, they’ll drastically reduce your indoor air quality.

Additionally, this debris can easily make its way into your ductwork and into your heating unit. This can lead to reduced airflow and premature wearing of your heating system’s components. Take the time to schedule regular cleanings for your home in the new year.

Address Drafting and Insulation Problems

It’s easy to get concerned with the amount of fuel and energy your heater uses to make your home comfortable. However, one aspect that many homeowners overlook is the weak areas of their home that let in the cold winter air. Take time to assess all your windows and doors for any potential air drafts. Use weather stripping or a door sweep to create a necessary barrier for each draft.

Also, assess the R-value of your current insulation. If it’s not up to the recommended R-value for homes in your region of the country, it’s time to consider upgrading. Just adding a few inches of insulation to your attic can make a big difference in how much heat stays inside of your home. The more of a barrier you have between the inside and outside of your home, the less your heater will have to work to keep the inside of your home warm. That translates to lower energy and fuel bills for the winter.

Set Up Regular Service Appointments

If you’ve let your heater maintenance go year after year, it can have a significant impact on how long your heating system lasts. Additionally, it can affect the warranty coverage for your heating system. Do yourself a favor and set up annual service appointments to get your heater the maintenance that it needs to work optimally.

Get Those Noises and Smells Assessed by a Pro

You may have noticed an odd smell or noise consistently coming from your furnace. However, life gets busy and if your furnace is still producing heat, it can be easy to let the problem go. Odd smells and usual noises are indications that something is indeed wrong with your system. The longer you let these issues go, the more likely your heating system is going to sustain more damage over time.

Professional Heating Services

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