If you want to reduce your monthly energy bills, you should invest in a smart thermostat. This kind of thermostat can allow you to control your HVAC system remotely. It usually makes use of Wi-Fi and a smartphone app.

Although smart thermostats function just like regular thermostats, they have special features. For instance, these thermostats can learn your routines and automatically adjust your HVAC system based on these routines. That is very advantageous since it can help you save energy. Smart thermostats can also help you track your monthly energy usage. That can help you know what to do to lower the amount of energy that your HVAC system consumes.

Smart Thermostat Installation

You can decide to install a smart thermostat by yourself. However, before installing it, you need to check whether the thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system or not. If you find out that this device is compatible with your heating and cooling system, go ahead and install the device. Below are the steps you need to follow during the installation.

1. Flip Your HVAC Breakers Off

When you look at your circuit breaker panel, you will see breakers labeled heating and cooling or simply HVAC. Flip these breakers off. Doing this will shut your HVAC system down and cut the power supply to your thermostat. The thermostat will go off as a result of this.

If you notice that your old thermostat is still on even after shutting your HVAC system down, try changing the HVAC system temperature settings. If the HVAC system turns on, go back to the circuit breaker panel and check whether you flipped off the HVAC breakers. If the HVAC system fails to turn on, it means that your old thermostat has a battery backup and is safe for removal.

2. Remove the Faceplate of the Old Thermostat

Remove its faceplate after ensuring that power is not flowing to your old thermostat. Depending on its design, you should pull it or remove the screws holding it in place. If you cannot remove it, search for the thermostat model online and check details on how to remove its faceplate.

3. Disconnect Your Old Thermostat

After removing your old thermostat’s faceplate, you will see wires connected to this thermostat’s terminals. Check the labels on these wires to help you later when installing the smart thermostat. If possible, take pictures of these wires. If the wires are not labeled, label them and take a picture of them.

After taking these pictures, remove the wires from the thermostat’s terminals. You will need a screwdriver to do this. If the wires are damaged or frayed, let professionals from Lumberjack HVAC help you remove them. We usually help people uninstall old thermostats. We also offer smart thermostat installation services. We serve Brighton residents and people living in the neighboring counties. After disconnecting the old thermostat, remove its backplate. You will be left with a hole on your wall and wires coming out of this hole.

4. Install the Smart Thermostat’s Trim Plate

Find your smart thermostat’s trim plate and try placing it where you will install it. You should place it in such a way that the HVAC system’s wires that are coming out of the hole on your wall align with this trim’s middle hole. Mark the areas where you will put the screws that you will use to hold this trim plate in place, and then drill holes in these areas. With the help of a screwdriver, screw this trim plate in position.

5. Attach Your HVAC System’s Wiring to the New Thermostat

After trim plate installation, you should attach the HVAC system’s wires to the new thermostat. The previously taken photos will help you do this fast. You will need a pair of pliers when attaching the wires to the thermostat. After doing this, put the thermostat’s faceplate in place. The faceplate is a screen where vital information is displayed.

6. Turn the Thermostat On

After installing your smart thermostat, you should go back to your circuit breaker panel and turn the HVAC breakers on. Your thermostat will turn on and request you to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. After connecting it to a Wi-Fi network, download the thermostat phone app.

Thermostat Installation Team

If you are unable to do all this, let us help you. We are very experienced in installing smart thermostats in homes. We also offer other heating and cooling services, including boiler installation, gas furnace installation, and AC installation. Contact us if you need any of these services. We serve residents of Brighton, CO and surrounding areas.

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